Sniffing on a raspberry pi update

A comment from Carlos has given an additional pointer that I wanted to highlight. It appears when he ran through the methodology an openssl library wasn’t installed so the compile of aircrack-ng failed. He was so kind as to also leave the apt-get command to get this fixed. In the future go ahead and install the openssl library at the time that you also install subversion. If you’ve already got the lib, apt-get won’t really care so no harm, no foul.

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo apt-get install subversion libssl-dev
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ svn co aircrack-ng
Checked out external at revision 2177.
Checked out revision 2177.
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ cd aircrack-ng

The rest can be found in the previous post here

3 thoughts on “Sniffing on a raspberry pi update

  1. Hi Colin

    Was reading through your blog and was wondering. I am a NOOB when it comes the Linux more to the point Wheezy. Now I have been trying to install my wireless card (AWUS036NH) onto my Pi and feel like I am going around in circles.

    I have checked that the card is in fact supported on Wheezy and Pi but for some reason I keep get this error messages (personally I reckon wheezy god has it in for me)

    Now my question is: is there any chance you could do a piece on setting up a wireless card with ralink driver and aircrack-ng and touching on how to start it all. Next question: am I able to do all this through VM on my P.C and then transfer it onto my SD CARD? If so how?

    I do understand that you are busy professional and would be grateful for all the help.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Matthew,

      I don’t have one of those cards handy so it would be difficult to do any testing and/or a writeup. You may consider looking at the backtrack forums as there’s lots in there about those cards and aircrack-ng. Good luck!

      • Hi Matthew, ‘ve got some troubles as you – so my solution was that you don log into any GUI as Gnome,Unity or a.e… because any network monitoring service will block the device… so you can’t switch it to monitor mode.

        So booting up only to console mode in linux and all is good.. hope this helps…

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