Drive recovery, disk upgrade, and firmware update

So after a very weird situation the other day where my ddwrt router factor reset itself (for no apparent reason) I got the following message.

“Well shoot, that’s not good” I thought to myself (and other various curse words). So yesterday after work a trip down to microcenter to collect some replacement drives happened. I have been debating upgrading storage space anyway so this seemed like a good excuse to bring my DNS323 NAS up to 2TB of mirrored storage. Today I’ve un-boxed one of the drives and pulled the working “left” drive from the NAS. I’m using two usb SATA bridges (one is a case and one is a quickie bridge that’s meant for “instant backup” or something similar) on an older Lenovo laptop.

The laptop is being boot with gparted live via a 4 GB usb flash drive which was created very simply using UUI (Universal USB Installer). While this is a painfully slow processes, I’m using the ever trustworthy dd utility to copy the old drive bit for bit to the new 2 TB Seagate. Once that’s copied over, I’ll use gparted to re-size my partition to use the extra space that the 2TB drive provides. After that I’ll test the new drive in the NAS to make sure all my files are still there and in good working order, upgrade the firmware on the DNS323, then stick in the second 2TB drive to build the new RAID array.

Here’s the current status with a fairly slow moving dd. I probably should have changed the bs value when I started it but I’m not in a specific hurry so it can just run as is. dv didn’t come standard with gparted live so I had to un-comment the apt-get sources, apt-get update, and apt-get install pv. Using pv is nice to get some sort of info back on what’s happening rather than dd just staring blankly at you until it’s done. You’ll also notice I took a few notes regarding my drives as to not accidentally write over something important. Figuring out your drives can be done with fdisk -l, dmesg, and/or gparted itself.

I’ll try to update again after I’ve re-sized, upgraded firmware, and built new array. Fingers crossed…

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